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Resident Scholarly Projects


  Resident(s)      Project
Oludotun Adegoke, MD                      Improving Flu Vaccination Rates Among The White Moutain Apache Tribe in For Apache Reservation
Kathryn Bobak, MD              Evaluation of Beers Criteria Medication in the Geriatric Population
Hermanjit Gill, MD HCV Screening and Management in Pregnancy and Pediatrics
Andrew Habib, MD Improving Hepatitis C Care at Latterman
Marcos Haikalis, MD PPSV23 Vaccination in Adults with Asthma
Kareem Lezama, MD Medical Error Disclosure
Andrew Parsons, MD Collaborative Care at a Family Medicine Residency Program
Simona Rasquinha, MD Increasing Narcan Distribution in a Community with High Rates of Opioid Overdose


  Resident(s)   Project
Bruno Chiasson, MD and Roshni Kanji, MD HIV Screening in the McKeesport ED
Emily Cottrell, MD Establishing a Resident-Led Community Education Series on Emotional & Physical Health
Melissa Coyne, DO, and Stephen  McCormick, MD Increasing Advance Directive Completion Rate in a Multi-Setting Family Health Center
Shane Jeffers, MD Identification of Class 1 Obesity for Early Intervention
Juliana Odetunde, MD Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Team and Comprehensive Transitional Care Protocol for High-Risk Persons with Complex Care Needs
Yui Sugiura, DO STI Management during Pregnancy PrEParing Latterman for Improved Care


  Resident(s)       Project
Olusola Alabi, MD                  Improving Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates in Home Visit Patients
David Barr, MD EMR Resident Training Resident-Driven Learning
Jin Cheng, MD Inpatient Brief Motivational Interviewing Training for Family Medicine Residents
Mayada Elian, MD Obesity at Latterman: A Continued Look
Ogechukwu Etudo, MD Food Insecurity Assessment during the Well Child Check Visits
Adeola Fakolade, MD Home Visits in Ghana
Hadrian Holder, MD PrEP A Primary Care Perspective
Grace Onuma, MD Self-Treating Febrile Illness Among SDA Clinic Patients


  Resident(s)    Project
Olumuyiwa Abebona, MD                                   Improving ICC Screening Rates at Latterman Family Health Center
David Ahamba, MD Estimating the Prevalence of HIV in Southeast Nigeria
Jeremy Dincher, MD, and Davis Lasner, MD Overcoming Barriers in Transitional Care Medication Reconciliation - The Sequel
Britt Gayle, MD  Comparing the Risk of Virologic Failure Between Efavirenz and Nevirapine Containing Regimens at an HIV Clinic in the Philippines
Michael Luong, DO Childhood Obesity at Latterman: A Closer Look
Heena Panchal, MD Global Mental Health: Integrating Sustainable Mental Health Services in a Honduran Primary Care Clinic
Ruth Solomon, MD Leave the Pack Behind